+ + +   Over 90.000 visitors seen the Cover-Art-Xhibition in the "Michel"-church-tower in Hamburg, workshow + retrospective ANDY WARHOL 1949 - 1987, with SALVATORE DALI, KEITH HARING, HORST JANSSEN + JOAN MIRO, ending 30teeth September 2007   + + +


This side shows pictures and photos, but also impressions of the projects of xXivision and xXiva.

xXivision P1 Freiheit (LIBERTY) or (Abraham Lincoln sees RED !)

Xperimental-picture in Hamburg by the "Michel", the tower of the Michaelis-church on 4th + 5th august 2007


1. Abraham Lincoln, Photography by Anthony Berger from 9th February in 1864

2. DALIVISION by Salvatore Dali, shows Abraham Lincoln (by the Photography of Anthony Berger) + Gala from 1976

3. xXivision P1, Xperimental-picture of Abraham Lincoln in Hamburg by Horst Henry on the meadow of the Michel from 4th august in 2007 (by the Photography of Anthony Berger)

4. Abraham Lincoln with Hamburg + the river Elbe

5. Abraham Lincoln

6. Cover area with view to the "Michel"-church-tower


                                    1.                                                            2.

Abraham Lincoln nach der Fotografie von Anthony Berger     










xXivision, Success- full xperi- mental picture project in Hamburg by the "Michel". more


xXiva   c 2007