+ + +   Over 90.000 visitors seen the Cover-Art-Xhibition in the "Michel"-church-tower in Hamburg, workshow + retrospective ANDY WARHOL 1949 - 1987, with SALVATORE DALI, KEITH HARING, HORST JANSSEN + JOAN MIRO, ending 30teeth September 2007   + + +




xXivision P1 > LIBERTY or (Abraham Lincoln sees RED)

About xXivision

IDEA: The idea for concept the Xperiental picture xXivision P1 with record cover started between 2002 and 2003. The composition of the picture DALIVISION of Salvatore Dali with Abraham Lincoln in cubes and that Dali also designed record sleeves was the reason for the project. For painting cubes like Dali, are used for these project ready LP-cover cubes. The realization started at the end of February 2007 with the test by the Christus church in Detmold on the end of March in 2007. After the test was conversed with many city governments for a realization. On the end Hamburg was the city with the easiest and fastest permissions and best possibilities for the total realization of the first project of xXivision.

xXivision are projects of multi Xperimental active visions. The two forms of viewing, direct and from the vertical distance, make this form of art to active and lively pictures like xXivision P1. The projects of xXivision are abstract "paintings" with the colour media LP-cover. Many LP-cover are for themselves own art pictures. xXivision are not projects about good or not so good designed cover artworks. In the projects of xXivision are integrated many good and a handful not so good designed LP-cover artworks. xXivision will not give a comment about the quality of artful designed LP-cover art. Every viewer is also his own art critic. The part of good designed LP-cover artworks will present special in LP-cover xhibitions of xXiva.


xXivision is a project of art with two viewing forms. At first direct from the nearness and second, that is a unusual viewing form, from the visual vertical distance.

Supposition for xXivision is a high tower with a public sightseeing platform in a height of minimum 50 meters. On the ground by the tower must be a big place. The centre of the place must be a distance between 50 and 70 meters far from the tower. The place must be complete seen from the sightseeing platform of the tower.


The direct near to the many forms of cover gives the viewer the possibility to view the fascination of the many artful designed LP-cover artworks. In the same time viewers are now parts of xXivision. The direct viewers on the ground see now many details inside the LP-cover formations and configurations. xXivision is a viewing combination with two different distances for the interpretation and understanding of one theme. The free formations and configurations build only in the distance a new totally picture.


The distance means here not the horizontal distance. It means here by xXivision the vertical distance. The flat installation is the reason for the project xXivision to concept the xperimental-art-projects by public sightseeing platforms like church towers or sightseeing towers. The concept of the xperimental character is, that viewers must leave the second dimension to go in the 3rd dimension, in the 3rd dimension of a room, like xXivision P1. That is another form of viewing.

The viewers from the tower seen also a picture in motion, because the coming and leaving people between the configurations on the ground designed the project every time new. xXivision is also a project of more or less fixed and moving configurations and points. So the viewers from a tower experienced a living picture in motion.


About this artful effect of xXivision, viewers got a fantastic possibility to view the area of the 3rd dimension with the endless sight to the horizon.

xXivision is so a xperimental picture project between nearness and distance and will invite active to experienced art.




xXivision are picture projects realization with LP-sleeves. The sensible LP sleeve material must be safe for moisture of the ground. Every LP sleeve has his own plastic bag. For different effects the LP sleeves are inside or lay on the plastic bag. An additional foil split the plastic bag of the LP sleeves and the ground. Steel plates inside the sleeves are for more weight against wind.




For projects of xXivision must be have the local supposition a high tower with a public sightseeing platform with a  minimum height of 50 meter (ca. 160 feet). From the sightseeing platform of the tower must be a free view to the place. The tower must be open for public. Its fine when the tower has an elevator, but that is not a must.

The place on the ground must be a free plan area of 50 meter (ca. 150 feet) x 50 meter (ca. 150 feet). 

It was great, when the city government or her administrations understand xXivision as art and public relation object for her city and to give all necessary permissions for the project of xXivision


xXivision P1 > LIBERTY or (Abraham Lincoln sees RED)

PROJECT on 4th + 5th august 2007 in Hamburg by "Michel"-Church Tower

Pictures: look under pictures

content, technique, local supposition, the cover, date of installation


xXivision P1, the first Xperimental vision-art-project. Is it really to seen a hidden historical person from the "Michel" church tower - is the abstract Abraham Lincoln really seen from the "Michel" - or is it all fantasy. Reality and fiction is here side by side and a game for concrete or free interpretation, also like the legendary English art movie "Blow Up" from Michelangelo Antonioni in 1966, which was an interpretation of the pixel art technique. 


The theme of xXivision P1 is liberty. Difficult options present this theme in the totally picture. Only from the sightseeing platform of the "Michel" church tower are the complete abstract configurations build a new picture. The complete picture present an abstract graphic. The organic form inside shows abstract Abraham Lincoln. He was the 16teenth president of the USA and abolished the slavery for more liberty. The view from the "Michel" about Hamburg, the second biggest city of Deutschland, to the horizon is also a great feeling of an endless room and liberty. 

On the ground area, the "Michel" meadow, started a long line from the organic form in right to the "Michel". They split the area in two sides, in strong graphic forms and in the other side in free undisciplined graphic forms. In the line are LP-Cover artworks integrate of PINK FLOYD - THE WALL. These LP-cover artworks are represent in symbolic form a spirit wall of two sides or systems. In this line are a few LP-cover artworks with abstract faces. All faces and all other LP-cover artworks lays in the same right. They have more or less distance, because for more or less communication. Only one abstract face lays against the right. Is the position of this face wrong or swims this face against the stream ? These part of all details inclusive all the LP-cover artworks of free music and design represent the other form of liberty and its seen only on the ground. Both parts, from the ground area and the view from "Michel" church tower build the unit for the total picture xXivision P1


More than over 21.000 own and foreign LP-cover obtained in colour and form. At last ca. 800 right LP-cover are found and used for xXivision P1 (Abraham Lincoln sees RED). For the background colour was used the naturally colour of the green grass from the "Michel" meadow. A red outline around the head split the colours of head and grass for more contrast.  


The "Michel" church tower in Hamburg inclusive the "Michel" meadow on the south side of the church tower are the right local supposition for the project xXivision P1. The public sightseeing platform of the "Michel" church tower has a height of ca. 85 meter. Every viewer has the possibility to go step by step to the sightseeing platform or to use the elevator. 

The centre of the "Michel" meadow is 70 meter (220 feet) far from the church tower. This both parts are the technical options. Hamburg's local city government supported the project and was very fast with all permission. 

Fantastic was the additional option, to design and concept a exhibition at the 3rd and 4th floor in the "Michel" church tower, a symbol of Hamburg.


The cover self are from different parts in art. Also the music of the music artists and the artists self. The style of the music is so different like the world of the animals. You find pop, about industrial, rock, heavy metal, jazz behind shill-out. The art of the LP-cover-pictures are designed in an area between 1960 and 2005. Music and there record-cover-pictures represent often a symbol of liberty. 

It was an amount over ca. 740 Cover used for of the total picture of xXivision P1.

In addition was used 4 cover of Eric Burdon's STOP from 1975, which marked the experimental field on the "Michel" meadow. Cover of KRAFTWERK 1 from 1972 supported Eric Burden's STOP.


1st date of installation in Hamburg:


28th + 29th July 2007   The installation can not start, because the report of the weather for this date was not so good with a minimum of rain

New date start on 4th + 5th August 2007


xXivision P1 Test


Test on Saturday, the 31st March 2007 by the Christus church in Detmold, between 11.00 a.m. and 16.00 p.m. 

Weather: It was dry, but with minimal hard wind but. This was no problem for the project.


Amount of Cover ca. 220




xXivision, Success- full xperi- mental picture project in Hamburg by the "Michel". more


xXiva   c 2007